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With pleasure we deliver our customers the best advice to be fit for purpose. To be able to do so we like to discuss your application personally or by telephone. Please contact us to experience if your application can be made more efficient as well.

We are able to deliver you our sealing proposal on a 2D or 3D drawing especially for your application. In this way you could be able to fit the proposal into your own drawing straightaway.


We organise tailor made trainings and workshops for your company. We can do this for seals and bearings, materials, surface roughness, installations etc.

Please call fora n appointment when you are interested.


We can do your bearing and friction calculations when neccessary.

Surface conditions

We can help you to inspect your surface conditions. Surface conditions are very important for the performance of seals and bearings. We have the newest mobile equipment for surface roughness measurements. Our specially trained employees can do measurements on your location.

Please contact us for the answer to all your questions.

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